Sweet remedy: Chocolate can help you beat persistent coughs

Chocolate may be a remedy for the common cough, according to new research.

A compound in cocoa has been shown to reduce symptoms of both acute and chronic coughs.

melted chocolate

Chocolaide: A study shows that chocolate can reduce cough symptoms thanks to chemicals found in cocoa beans.


Researchers say a daily bar of dark chocolate may contain enough of the active compound to have an effect on a chronic cough.

However, it is not a cure  – symptoms did return once treatment was ended.

An earlier study at the National Heart and Lung Institute showed that theobromine appears to block the action of the sensory nerves, which in turn halts the cough reflex. It was found to be more effective than widely used codeine.

sweet cocoa coughs

Cocoa coughs: Chemical theobromine occurs naturally in cocoa and may help against persistent coughs.

Eating a bar of dark chocolate a day which has high levels of the compound may also be effective for people with diagnosed persistent cough, although eating chocolate  on a daily basis may have other unwanted effects, including weight gain and so on.



Source: Chocolate can help you beat persistent coughs _ Mail Online