Who are the people in this world vowed that they never took even a single bite of chocolate? Guess that no one would dare to raise their hand. Why? Simply because chocolates is very popular in the market, from the simple children’s drink up to the lover’s delight. Admit it or not, most of the people are either eating chocolates, already ate chocolates, and will eat chocolates. Alongside with the evolution of earth and the changes in globalization, chocolates never fail to offer the sweet results that life can bring.

Chocolate is good for many reasons. It tastes good, and can be applied to many different flavors to also add many unique and tasteful combinations. It is easily available, come in different varieties (white, milk, semi-sweet, dark, ect.), is reasonably priced, and widely used. On the negative side, chocolate can be bitter in taste or too sweet until it no longer tastes good. A sense of relaxation and well being is very natural when you eat chocolates. When it comes to dark chocolates it is both seductive and pleasurable.

Chocolate, as food for all, is like a celebrity that involves different issues and controversy. Many chocolate enthusiasts defend their hobby in eating chocolates as food for the soul. On the other hand, the critics think that chocolates are junk foods that are bad for the body. This differences on the idea about chocolates flows in the mainstream of its advantages and disadvantages.


A classic chocolate can definitely renew the soul for it has a chemical called tryptophan that helps the brain to function well and creates a feeling of excitement or elation. Moreover, it has anti-oxidants that can also be found in teas or wines.

  • It lowers the cholesterol.
  • Also lowers the Blood Pressure.
  • Produces Anti-oxidants into the body, good for preventing premature aging.
  • Lowers the risks of heart problems because it is rich in flavonoids and gallic acid which include protective elements for cardio.
  • It also promotes good digestion.
  • It is also good for preventing cancer.
  • Current studies proven that it slows down the decline of nervous activities which happens with the age.
  • It indicates a help for the treatment of kidney stones and anemia.
  • It prevents the clumping of blood platelets which results in blood clots.
  • Many of us, chocolate lovers, know that chocolate contains Flavanol This compound prevents clogging of the arteries. Flavanol also helps to protect against sunburns.


While chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, has a range of health advantages, from preventing pre-eclampsia, according to the journal “Epidemiology,” to protecting your organs and cells against free radical damage, there are a variety of disadvantages to eating chocolates, as well. In addition to nutritional issues that can affect your health, chocolate has other risks, especially when eaten in large quantities.


The wonderful and enticing feeling of a person in eating chocolate has their disadvantages. But the craving for chocolate deserves only a single bite of chocolate. Even there are chocolates that are low in fat and calories; still it has oils that can transfer the fat to the heart. Therefore, a chocolate lover should look unto the label first.

  • Dark chocolates are high on calories with high fat and sugar.
  • It contains some elements that have addictive properties such as caffeine, theobromine, and sugar which results in mood elevating and also contains phenethylamine which releases endorphin in the brain.
  • It also contains vasoactive amines that lead to migraine problems.
  • Dilates the vessels of the brain.
  • Moreover, it has high quantity of arginine which is a necessity in the replication of the virus herpes. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid dark chocolates especially those who have recurring and active herpes infection.

More Chocolate

Eating too much chocolate in one sitting is not good for the body. Most of the people that enjoyed that sweet taste of chocolate makes a person leave into a mouthwatering state whenever they just saw a chocolate. The recommended amount of serving for each person is a maximum of 7 ounces per week or an average of 1 ounce a day. There are two opposing opinion about the cause of the cavities. Cacao contains antibacterial agents that actually fights tooth decay. However the mass production of chocolates that contains sugar that counteract the benefits of the agents. Bitter chocolate is better and a person who is looking for a healthy chocolate product should assess the following contents. Chocolate should has not been alkalized, not dried and cool-pressed rather than roasted, 70% pure cocoa, should use cane instead of refined sugar, and milk fats or hydrogenated oils.


Chocolate is sweet and can be good or bad for the body. A person who loves chocolates probably hides packs of chocolates under their bed or inside their wardrobe. Loving the chocolate is not bad but not to the point when the person is eating too much chocolate. Most of the people who are fascinated in the magic of chocolate turn their eating habits into business. They love chocolate and they only want to deliver the same amount of fascination to other people. Together, the chocolate business might be competing in the same industry but they are delivering the same taste that leaves the mouth of the enthusiasts craving for more.